About SHAREit
What is SHAREit?
Can I share files between different operating systems?
Do I need cables, bluetooth, or an active Wi-Fi network nearby to connect to other devices?
Is there a limit on the size of a file I can share?
How fast is SHAREit’s file transfer speed?
Select Files
What type of files can I send?
Can I share a whole folder at a time?
Can I send more than one file or folder at one time?
Connect to Friends
Why can't I find anyone?
How can I connect Android and Android phones?
I have SHAREit running, but others cannot connect. Why?
Can other SHAREit users connect to my device and start sharing files without my approval?
How to resolve the conflict between SHAREit and Access Connections when PC connect to PC?
I can't transfer files though I am successfully connected
Why is SHAREit transferring my files slower than expected?
Where are the received files stored, post transfer?
Why aren’t my music and video files playing properly?
Error message: Fail to parse the installation package
Connect to PC
How to make an Android phone and a PC connected?
What to do if there is no available WLAN around my pc and mobile?
Will the above 2 methods cost my mobile data?
How can users submit feedback on SHAREit?
How can I get the latest SHAREit updates?
Which brands of device does SHAREit support?