What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a free application that lets you share files and folders among smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

Can I share files between different operating systems?

Yes, SHAREit covers all platforms now! You can use SHAREit in all devices, regardless of operation system, Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows.

Do I need cables, bluetooth, or an active Wi-Fi network nearby to connect to other devices?

No, you simply connect using your device's Wi-Fi radio. This avoids any network charges. Note: If you’re using an iOS device, then the receiving device must be on the same local Wi-FI network.

Is there a limit on the size of a file I can share?

No, but very large files will take longer to share.

How fast is SHAREit’s file transfer speed?

SHAREit is fast: it can complete the file transfer process at speeds approximately up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

What type of files can I send?

Any documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.

Can I share a whole folder at a time?

Yes, after you choose to send files, the file browser will open. Select the folder you want to send and click 'Select'.

Why can't I find anyone?

1. Connect to PC: First, please check if recipient has started SHAREit. SHAREit may attempt to use your Wi-Fi connection to find another user before starting a personal network. Make sure the recipient is also connected to the same Wi-Fi, if one is available. If a Wi-Fi is not available, please have the recipient restart SHAREit.

2. Android to Android: First, please check if the receiver has the hotspot activated, then sender enter settings->WLAN to check if it can search the hotspot activated by the receiver. If the sender can't search it, the receiver should press "Receive" again. If the sender doesn't find the receiver after entering the searching page for a while, please tap the sender's avatar to refresh.

I have SHAREit running, but others cannot connect. Why?

Please make sure:

1. You both have SHAREit launched and running on your devices;

2. You have selected different roles, that is, one of you is a sender, and the other is a receiver;

3. Both devices have their wireless radios turned on.

Can other SHAREit users connect to my device and start sharing files without my approval?

No, you must accept their connection invitation before they can start sharing files with you.

How to resolve the conflict between SHAREit and Access Connections when PC connect to PC?

You have installed the Access Connections program on your computer and created one or more Best Available Network profiles. If the wireless adapter is not placed at the top of the network adapter list in the profile settings, SHAREit will not work correctly. SHAREit will detect the conflict and prompt you to change the profile settings as follows:

1. Launch Access Connections, and switch to the "Advanced" mode.

2. Click the “Location Profiles” tab, and select the profile prompted by SHAREit. Then click “Edit”.

3. On the window that is displayed, select the wireless adapter in the network adapter list and click the “Higher” button to move the wireless adapter to the top.

4. Click “OK” to save the changes.

5. If the conflict involves multiple profiles, repeat step 2 to step 4 to change the settings of the remaining involved profiles.

I can't transfer files though I am successfully connected

Try updating SHAREit to its latest version or moving to an area that may have less interference.

Why is SHAREit transferring my files slower than expected?

There are many factors affecting SHAREit’s speed, such as the WiFi environment, distance between two phones, the reading speed of memory card or the operation state of the phone. Try putting the two phones closer together, close any unnecessary networking applications and move to an environment with less interference.

Where are the received files stored, post transfer?

The received files are usually saved in SD card/Qiezi, you can check this in SHAREit->Me->Settings->Common. You can see the transfer record in the Transfer History too.

Why aren’t my music and video files playing properly?

SHAREit uses the player in the phone to play the received music and videos. So the phone must have the appropriate player to support this music and video format. The best solution is to download an appropriate player.

Error message: Fail to parse the installation package

Your SHAREit download may be corrupt. Please download and re-install SHAREit.

From Android phone, how to connect the computer?

SHAREit provides three methods for connection:
[Method 1]
It is recommended to use mobile search your computer:
1. Start SHAREit on PC first;
2. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in slide menu on mobile;
3. Choose and tap the computer avatar, now the mobile will be connected with PC automatically.

[Method 2]
PC search mobile (If the computer can't start hotspot, or you don't find the computer avatar on the mobile screen)
1. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in slide menu on mobile;
2. Tap onto "PC Search Mobile" at the bottom of the mobile screen;
3. Click "Search Hotspot of Mobile" on PC;
4. Click on the mobile avatar, then PC is connecting with mobile automatically.

[Method 3]
Scan QR Code to connect (If you don't find the computer avatar on the mobile screen)
1. Click "Show QR Code" on PC;
2. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in slide menu on mobile;
3. Tap onto "Scan QR Code" at the bottom of the mobile screen;
4. Align QR Code on PC within frame to scan;
5. Scanning completed, select the connection method, now the mobile will be connected with PC automatically.

How to make iPhone/Windows Phone and PC connected?

Make your phone and computer access the same LAN, or let mobile phone join the hotspot created by PC (Hotspots name and password are shown at the main page of PC Client)
1. Start SHAREit on PC first, and click "Show QR Code";
2. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in slide menu on mobile;
3. Tap onto "Scan to Connect” button at the bottom of the mobile screen;
4. Align QR Code on PC within frame to scan;
5. Scanning completed, now mobile will be connected with PC automatically.

How to connect to another computer?

Make sure that both computers start SHAREit (If two PCs are desktop computers, let them access the same LAN), and do the following things on one of them:
1. Click "Connect to PC" on the top right corner menu;
2. Click the avatar of the target computer in the searching area;
3. Now the two computers are connecting automatically;

Is the hotspot created by computer safe?

In order to ensure the security of your computer, SHAREit has encrypted hotspot by a random password.
You can change the password in Settings. If you do that, there is a need to enter password when the android client connects to the computer via hotspot. Users can check the setting "use the default password" option to restore the default password.
Because of the platform restrictions, iPhone/Windows Phone needs to enter the password manually while connecting to the computer via hotspot.

What are the "Trusted Devices"?

Trusted Devices connect to a computer without confirmation on PC.

How to set up "Trusted Devices"?

Check the "Always accept files from this device” in the connecting confirmation box to set this device as a trusted device. You can manage the trusted devices on the top right corner menu.

Does "Connect to PC" need WiFi?

No. Mobile phones and computers can be connected via hotspot or LAN, so WiFi is not necessary.

How can users submit feedback on SHAREit?

In the “Options” section of the SHAREit Windows application, there is a link to submit 'Feedback'. The phone app also has this option.  Please note that we cannot respond to all the feedback we receive.

What if I want to clone my device?

With SHAREit CLONEit, you can easily transfer and back up contacts, messages, apps and all types of files from your old phone to new one.

How can I get the latest SHAREit updates?

SHAREit will automatically check for the latest updates.

How can I invite other friends to start using SHAREit with me?

Simply click the "Invite friends" link in the SHAREit app to instantly send them an e-mail that contains the SHAREit download link. You can also tell them to visit www.ushareit.com

Which brands of device does SHAREit support?

SHAREit covers all device platforms, regardless of operation system. Lenovo, Mac, Dell, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Coolpad, vivo and OPPO are all SHAREit-compatible.